Differential Privacy to Work

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  • The current Fuzz distribution is v0.1.3.4 (Warning: Research prototype -- not for production use!).
  • You can also download an extended version of Fuzz that can infer sensitivity annotations automatically.
    This version additionally requires the Z3 SMT solver.
  • Our USENIX Security paper gives an overview of Fuzz.
  • If you would like to experiment with Fuzz, you may find this brief tutorial useful.
  • The source code for our attacks on PINQ is also available. Please read Section 3.5 of the Fuzz paper for details!
  • DFuzz is a variant of Fuzz that is based on our POPL 2013 paper.
  • DualQuery enables practical private query release for high-dimensional data (based on our ICML'14 paper).
  • HOARe2 is a tool for mechanism design and differential privacy based on higher-order approximate relational refinement types (for more details, see this POPL'15 paper).